Location: Inca - Mallorca
Year: 2011
Photographies: Gori Salvà.
The theme for the Joan Marc restaurant emerged from the desire to combine gastronomy and environment.
Situated in the heart of the island of Mallorca, in the town of Inca, the restaurant sits on a corner, bordering a quiet charming square where an abundance of local vegetation and pine trees are planted. The Mediterranean cuisine served is elaborated using only the finest fresh local produce. The intention of the project was to create a unique atmosphere where the surrounding exterior and the interior of the restaurant flowed seamlessly, creating a sensation of serenity and nature while still being stylishly modern. This look has been achieved by the use of noble materials such as wood and iron and a neutral colour scheme of greys, greens and natural wood. 
The oak paneled entrance where the name Joan Marc is artistically carved into the wall leads into the main dining area where the newly installed tall but narrow windows allow the diner to appreciate the exterior scenery while the life size tree trunks used as decoration inside help create the infinite illusion. The optical illusion of tall branches are really the indirect lighting embedded into the ceiling, and the delicate wooden LED lit cages hanging from the trunks display beautiful exclusively designed jewelry created by the chef's sister.